SeveralStudio. Motion, design & docs

Several [sεvrɘl]*

a. more than a few; an indefinite small number
b. (as pronoun; functioning as plural)

1. (prenominal) various; separate
2. (prenominal) distinct; different

As the definition of our name indicates, our production and design studio is big enough to deal with the worlds largest companies but also small enough to provide the most personalized and unique service to each of our clients. In the same vain, we pride ourselves on our distinct ability to combine the esthetic with functionality, and at the same time differentiate ourselves by consistently delivering unrivaled original content.

We specialize in audiovisual services - from feature films, documentaries, animation, to motion graphics, art direction and web design. Our many skills and creative tools allow us to transform a corporate idea into a work of art. We know how to bridge the gap between the corporate world and the consumer, as well as strengthen the ties between the brand and the consumer by consistently striving to engage our audience in an emotional way.

We have more than a few skills. We are distinct and different with various expertise and separate talents We are Several.