Poker bets

It’s not a secret, and you probably also did it at the pоker school, that each of the vаrieties of this sport-gambling game has several variations of its own, and much depends on the size of the bets you can play in such poker. And, if you ask yourself how much money you can put at stake, if you have a really winning combination of cards, we will answer that everything will depend on which type of poker you are going to play. However, returning to the topic of poker bets, we suggest focusing on them …
Types of poker bets
To date, experts who study different types of poker, there are three main formats or size of bets, which are typical for different types of poker. These are fixed rates (affordable, but not very convenient), limited by the size of the bank (this is pot limit) and not limited or unlimited (very risky, but also very promising). We suggest you to take a closer look at each of these types of rates and find out what advantages and disadvantages they have.
Fixed limit bet
The easiest and most primitive version of the betting format, in which you simply cannot choose how much to bet. After all, the amount you have to bet on is clearly stated in advance, and sitting at the table you are already informed about it, therefore you are mentally prepared for the fact that you will have to part with such a sum of money. In a way, all further mathematical gains and events in such poker with a fixed bet limit are predictable. And, having mathematical skills, you can calculate how much you will win in the end, how much you will lose, in general, you have the opportunity to perform a mathematical analysis of the results of a poker game. This is not so bad, but many experienced players say that playing with a fixed betting limit … is boring and predictable. If you are of the same opinion, then look for other betting formats, if not – play with a fixed limit.
Pot limit
Here everything is a little more complicated. So, for a pot limit, the amount of the bet is determined by the distribution bank, and it is from here that the name of this kind of poker occurs. If you compare the pot limit with a fixed limit, then this is a more expensive game for you, since the possible rates can grow with the bank, that is, the principle is that the more money you put in the bank, the more you can spend on your next move. What can advise the players who choose this format of the bet? Only that if you are going to raise, then you should add the call amount to the amount of the bank so that you can get the size of the raise you need .. Therefore, choosing the pot limit betting format, you should be as confident as possible about your financial and moral potential. in the game, especially when the cards are already on the table.