Why in poker can not be greedy?

Greed and poker have long gone hand in hand. But from their tandem the benefit to the player does not increase. On the contrary, greed can make you put everything on the line and lose all your winnings in poker. Any poker player is eager to win. If he earns 14 thousand dollars an hour on a game, he cannot stop, and he already wants to earn 15 thousand dollars. And all the time he needs more and more. Thus, greed becomes dangerous, all-consuming and serious. But in order for the player to really remain in the winners, forgetting about greed is necessary once and for all.
Most often, poker players observe two main types of greed:
an attempt to “win a tablecloth” in cash games;
an attempt to win tournaments if there are still many players at the table.
So you can not act, even if others try to apply this tactic in the game. These two examples are just a little of what proves – greed has a bad effect on poker. You can not want a lot and too much, or want to win ahead of time. These are the most common mistakes that end in failure.
Why in poker can not be greedy?
People who are stranded with greed show extravagance, which is the inevitable consequence of this character trait. Greedy players want to get too much. If you leave the supermarket and you have nine heavy bags in your hand. Will it not be easier for you to go if you can throw one away? After all, then you can safely carry eight whole packages.
A greedy player cannot feel contentment. But you understand that it is not always possible to get a win in poker, so you need to be able to lose. In any case, someone must lose, and this is one of the steps to success. There are no players who win every hand. But those who are overwhelmed with greed, even if it is not worth it, will chase after all the chips. If your goal is exactly that, then you are to blame for all your problems, inconsistencies with opponents and getting into different unpleasant situations. And when you play the “battle against all” game, alas, the biggest bet will be on everyone.